The researchers had observed that the CACTI website Allendale structure is not updated according to the current and upcoming events of CACTI Colleges. The researchers aim is to conduct these studies to develop the calendar structure of the CACTI Colleges website. Another aim of the researchers is to make it useful to all the viewers of the said website and to have a remarkable progress In the event Information. These studies will help the future researchers by providing them dependable information on the calendar structure of the website.

The researchers also acquire related Information from previous studies regarding the website and Its structure. Based on the recorded written Information from Bessie and Its structure (Andrea: 2008. 81) when the developers develop one website structure they need to make it standard the data model of an event flexible and scalable enough to accommodate the requirements of most calendars in campuses or companies. It should allow users to manage their events stored in a central repository so it can be easily being shared with other campuses.

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They can also customize their calendar appearance to be visually compelling and dynamic web-based calendar for administrators, who do not have the resources to create their own, to have a design architecture consisting of a centralized event repository based n the event data model. This will provide calendar administrators more flexibility In maintaining their own website repository. (Leaflets: 2005. 102). On a website, the pages are generated based on distinguishable templates according to their functions. That Is to say, visually salary pages usually have the same function.

In this way, users can easily identify a page's function at a glance. Following are several typical layout templates identified from the ASP-NET Forums. Their functions are to show a) a list of discussion threads, b) a list of thread posts, and c) user profile, respectively. Trinidad: 2004, 53). Most web pages consist of HTML elements like table, menu, button, image, and input box. The layout of a web page describes what HTML elements are included in the page, as well as how these elements are visually distributed in page rendering. Essentially, a page layout Is represented by a so called DOOM (Document Object Model) tree.

In this project, a layout template Is considered as a group of pages which have very similar layouts (DOOM trees). Almost every website on the Internet has a distinct design ; organization structure. Experienced website designers usually rate distinguishable layout templates for pages of different functions. They then organize the website by linking various pages with hyperlinks, each of which is project is a reverse engineer to automatically discover the layout templates and URL patterns of a website, and understand how these templates and patterns are integrated to organize the website.

To demonstrate the power of website structure understanding, this project also proposes some applications which leverage such site-level knowledge to help web search and data mining. Statement of the Problem This study will be conducted to develop the calendar structure of the CACTI Colleges' website during the school year 2012-2013 as perceive by the IT students. Specifically the study will seek answers to the following questions. 1. What is the profile of the; 1. 1 Student respondents in terms of: a . Name b. Age 2.

What is the evaluation of student and teacher respondents in the developed calendar structure in terms of the following criteria; 2. 1 Accuracy 2. 2 Efficiency 2. 3 Creativity 3. What are the recommendations of the teacher respondents for an efficient calendar structure? Significance of the Study This study will provide great help to those who are concerned with this subject. This is significant because of the benefits that it could offer to the following groups. School Administrators. This study will help school administrator to make them convenient for everyday task.

They can manage the event easily and it can save as their planner. Teachers. This study will help to see and plan their own schedule if there is an event. They can get information about the daily event or happenings of the school they can easily determine the upcoming meetings through developing and evaluating the calendar of the CACTI Colleges web page. Students. The developed calendar structure will help the current and future dents of CACTI Colleges they become airfare the upcoming activities of the school .

They can be updated especially on enrollment day and releasing of the documents also holidays, planning their time wisely, exact date of graduation, submissions of scholarship term through the internet they can easily drag to calendar and check the date. Parents. This study will also help the parents for them to be informed of the school events , so that they will monitor the school events of their child. Future Researchers. This also benefits to all future researcher for them to get some reliable information. Scope and Delimitation of the Study structure of the CACTI Colleges website.

It will investigate how efficient the developed calendar structure in terms of accuracy of information ,and functionality of it. This research is limited only to the calendar structure of CACTI Colleges website other structure like company profile and home page etc. Is not included in this study. The analysis and interpretation will be based only from the responses of the students and teachers to the questionnaire prepared by the researchers. It requires a situational observation and the type of questionnaire that are given to the students.

It will include 500 1. T (Information Technology) 1st year students respondents. They will consider every aspects students perception in the developed calendar structure. CHAPTER II CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK This chapter review of related literature and studies, conceptual model the study and the definition of terms used. Review of the Related Literature and Studies Related Literature The researcher browsed several moves, periodicals, Journals and other sources, written by the Filipino and Foreign authors.

In order to develop a through understanding and deeper insight into previous works and trends that is relevant to he subject, as well as to reach specific goals of the study, the researchers considered a number of references, both foreign and local. These references presented in this chapter were gathered through Journals, magazines, books, and other reading materials. It is also includes related foreign and local literature and studies acquired through the internet, past thesis and case studies of the same field and discipline.

This provides a background for the discussion to analyze the findings of the present investigations. Web design is the planning and production of the website but not emitted to; technical development, information structure, visual design, content design, and networked delivery. A website planning brief based upon the website that you wish to develop from the list of possible scenarios provided. The brief will be continually developed into a fully functional content and design document and implemented practically in the documentation.

Think of this brief almost like an initial sales pitch for the intended website and it should outline the basics that the team and client need to know. Information on the World Wide Web has been added at an unprecedented rate. This disorientation has led to limitations in accessing in data. The time required in finding useful data has increased since the amount of web pages of lesser significance has also increased exponentially. Through 'Advanced Knowledge Extraction from Web Pages using Natural Language Processing the effective time required to find useful information can be significantly lowered.

With ever increasing data on the World Wide Web it provides the only sustainable option for making optimum use of Data Resources. The Internet is composed of billions of pages data accounting to astronomically large amounts of data. A bulk of the data usability of data. The Aim off Knowledge acquires system is to create a filtration module which differentiates between useful data and unwanted noise. The currently available module by using the Internet for work is [1] Access a search engine [2] Enter a query[3] The search engine returns a list of probable desired results.

This list is obtained based on the page ranking mechanism adopted by the search engine and does not necessarily be in line with the requirements of the user [4] Individually the user has to be redirected to several pages and has to manually filter out information hat's benefited from the rest. Web Templates, Alexandra (2009) According to (Participles, 2010) as a whole, still involves many of the same principles as a linear document. That is the contrast, alignment, repetition and proximity should be consistent throughout the site. Choosing logical flexibility within these design elements can enhance a website too desired level.

On the flip side, overemphasized differences between pages can lead to a poor design. The following analysis strays from applying the design principles in a traditional sense as we take a look how they are applied to the document as a whole. According to Communication Investigative Report on website Structure Development (Salary, 2009) for a website structure to be successful, you must have clear identified goals and compelling content that draws your audience to your site again and again. A good site requires a delicate balance between content, visual appeal and technology, but most of all content.

The following are needed to consider the developers. The Audience Content is the reason people visit websites; it forms the basis off good site. You need to know who will look at your site, what their expectations are before starting with the content. The content will need to match up with your audience's expectations (Barnett ; Resource, 2006). One sample audience would be prospective students looking for a programmer that might interest them. A site that reflects this is Massey University, where you can much interest to program.

Compelling Content Content is the most important single element on a website, this will be the reason why they visit your site in the first place. It will need to provide the visitor with the information and grab their attention. You will need to create simple, inviting and informative content. The use of headings, short paragraphs and bullet points is giggly recommended (Skins, 2004). A good example here is the Eastern Institute of Technology's Web page on their programmers. It outlines the programmed in an easy to read content with breaks between headings and bullet points to make important information stand out.

Another important factor is to keep your content updated, if it is not updated regularly, you will lose your audience. King (2005 ) According to (Hearthstone,2006) The importance of the website as an essential addition to the school landscape is becoming very evident. The college process and in the development of such; teachers need to find new and exciting ways for knowledge attainment. The use of the website, such as the structure, allows students to find information globally, parents become more involved and provides a place for supplemental curriculum material to be accessed by all persons associated with the websites educational process.

The website is an attractive source of information for comprehensive illustration of a school's curriculum, and its development can be a collaborative effort, addressing the goals and needs of different elements within the school. According to Pressman (2007) the www. And the internet that empowers it are arguably the most important development in the history of computing. These technologies have drawn the people into the information age. For those people who can remember a world without the web; the chaotic growth of the technology harkens back to the another era - the early days of software.

Web applications become increasingly integrated in business strategies for small and large companies, the need to build reliable, usable and adaptable system grows in importance. (Pressman: 2005). Related Studies In the study of Development and Evaluation of Web Based Technical Support System by San Jose ( 2009 It was mentioned there that the. Web based support systems can viewed as a multidisciplinary research area that focuses on supporting human activities in specific domains or fields based on computer science, information technology and web technology.

There are many open problems for this newly identified research domain. How to design and develop such system is one that remains a challenge. WAS is a domain of study on how to provide assistance to various human activities with the Web as a user interface Content developer writes the Web page content and they may also be graphic artists (for graphical content sites like photo galleries. They always put content first because when it comes right down to it, that's why people visit Web sites, not for the pretty design and not for the coding, but for the content.

If a Web site doesn't have awesome content, it won't have customers for long. The previous researcher used a descriptive developmental method of research using a questionnaire mean in collecting the needed data. The respondents of the study were the technical support engineers and the technical staff center of the organization. The researcher used total respondents as the target population because those directly involved in the previous study were easily accessible and not so numerous. Respects of the efficiency the technical support assessed the proposed system as strongly agree w average weighted mean of 4. 2. In the study conducted by (San Gabriel,2005) on his unpublished thesis entitled Development of Website Structures, a previous study on which the level of acceptability of a website development was assessed and it was found out that the developed website has a good presentation that has surely encouraged the user to use it. Based on the For a depth treatment of data; the frequency and percentage distribution were used to show the distribution of respondents. The weighted mean was applied to determine the assessment of technical support engineers and technical staff on the web based technical support system.

Based on the analysis undertaken, findings revealed that the implementation and application of web based technical support system was successful and the software found to be utilize . Finding showed that with the The findings of the study that range more than 70 %. It has minimized the effort and time looking for the structure. The company. In development of website HTML was used. It has also found out that the developed website could make the viewer's easy to view. A case study was conducted by (Punter and Pearson, 2009) on the Development of Website.

Their study explores the current software development methodologies used by organizations in developing World Wide Web (WWW). A case study approach is used to investigate in the context of the organization, how various the www is developed and the reason why particular strategies are used. The cases were analyzed based on the software process model, methodology, tools and techniques within an organizational context. The core findings of the research were that the development of www is dominated by the challenges presented by the new technology.

In addition, organizations take a structure problem approach rather than adopting methodologies specially designed for the www. The results of the research also indicated that deficiencies existed in the development stogies used, principally in the area of inadequate guidelines and lack of documentations. What makes a good website? According to (Barnett,2010) content is the reason why people visit websites; it forms the basis off good site. You need to know who will look at your site, what their expectations are before starting on the content. The content will need to match up with your audience's expectations.

One sample audience would be prospective students looking for a programmed that might interest them. A site that reflects this is Massey University, where you can match interest to program. Content is the most important single element on a website, this will be the reason why they visit your site in the first place. It will need to provide the visitor with the information and grab their attention. You will need to create simple, inviting and informative content. The use of headings, short paragraphs and bullet points is highly recommended. A good example here is the Eastern Institute of Technology's (TIE) website on their programmers.

It outlines the programmed in an updated, if it is not updated regularly, you will lose your audience. The researcher used observational research of method and she found out that 90 % of the company, students, as well as the school are making their own website. The aforementioned review of the related literature and study were very important to the present study since they include certain areas to be considered in making an effective developed website. The researchers insights on how they can go through with their study. Based in the literature and studies, it further encourage the researchers to evolve a website.

The mentioned studies were related to present study as mentioned by Pressman it is similar to the present study since it mentions on providing a calendar structure of a website that will aid the task of the users accurate, efficient and effective. Conceptual Model of the Study The diagram shows the conceptual model of study. The first frame shows who are the respondents. The second frame shows the administration questionnaire and the study on the Development and Evaluation of Calendar Structure of CACTI Web page. Output Throughput Input Respondents * Students = 490 * Teachers = 10

Questionnaire Determine the Efficiency of the Developed Calendar Structure retrieval of the questionnaire * Statistical treatment of data * Analysis and Interpretation of data Figure 1. 0 * Administration and The paradigm shows the conceptual framework of the study, which relates the input process and the output to one another. Definition of Terms The following terms have been defined by the researchers according to the terms used. Computer scientist. Is a scientist who has acquired knowledge of computer science, the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation and their application. Web.

Short term for website. Website. A computer connected to the internet that maintains a series of web pages on the World Wide Web Content. The material contained on this Website, including, but not limited to, all images, graphics and text. Visual Design. Responsible for the look and feel off user interface. Web Designer. Responsible for the design ; development of a site. WWW. Acronym for World Wide Web. HTML. Hypertext Markup Language, a standardized system for tagging text files to achieve font, color, graphic, and hyperlink effects on the World Wide Web. Compelling Content. Provide helpful information.

CHAPTER Ill RESEARCH DESIGN This chapter presents the method of research used, the sources of data, data gathering, instruments and the statistical treatment of data. Research Method Used Descriptive research describes and interprets what is. It is concerned with the conditions and relationships that exist; practices that prevail; beliefs, a process that is going on; effects that are being felt; or trends that are developing. The process of descriptive research goes beyond the mere gathering and tabulation of data. It involves the elements or interpretation of the meaning or significance of what is described.

Thus the description is often combined with comparison and contrast involving measurement, classification, interpretation and evaluation. (Cited by Sanchez,p. 83) This method was used because of its appropriateness in analyzing the existing relationships among the variables represented by the pertinent data gathered for study. Sources of Data The method of collecting data that will be used is the normative survey. This is concerned with looking into the commonality or individual differences of sum elements. This method uses a questionnaire to collect information from a large number of people.

The results in the form of comparative standards or norms will be presented. Since the present research is status study, the normative survey is the most appropriate method to be used in the gathering of data. Sources will be gathered by students of CACTI Colleges Cantina, Racial. This study involves 10 or 2% I. T teachers , 230 or 46% male respondents and 260 or 52% female respondents. Respondents I No. Of Samples I Percentage I Male 1 2301 | Female 1 | Teachers 10 I Total 15001 1001 The table shows the number of respondents, the frequency and the percentage of the data. Data Gathering Instruments

The researchers will use questionnaire as the instruments in gathering data which is necessary for a descriptive method of research. In the formulation of the questionnaires , the researchers will examine and review several studies of literature that will be found useful in this study. This will be used because it gathers data faster than any other method. Besides the respondents will be the teachers and students and so they are very literate. They could read and answer the questionnaire easily. The questionnaires are divided into parts . The first part concentrated on the profile of the respondents.

The second part the evaluation the respondents on the developed calendar structure of CACTI Colleges' website. Liker chart will be used to modify the answer of the respondents considering four options with the corresponding scale. The options namely Strongly Agree, Agree, Strongly Disagree and Disagree. Respondents will be requested to check the space provided for each option. Statistical treatment of data The basis of the interpretation of data will be based on the responses of the respondents answer. It will be tabulated and analyzed with the use of the percentage and weighted mean formula.

The statistical methods that will be used are the following: 1. Frequency and percentage The percentage and frequency distributions will be used to classify the respondents according to their name (optional) , age and gender. The frequency will also present actual response of the respondents to a specific question or item in the questionnaires. The percentage of each item is computed by dividing it with the same sample total number of respondents who answered the survey. The formula will be on these techniques is P=f/mono 2. Weighted mean Another statistical technique that will be used by the researchers is the weighted mean.