We interact with what we see on our computer screens. Without Its visual components there would be no Internet, as we know It. This, along with the Internees high level of Interactivity, makes web design and the layout of a web page of extreme importance. There is technique to publishing an effective web page. Since the Internet crash of 2000 that brought along the failure of many amateur and professional sites alike it has become extremely Important that the content of a web page Is worth the time and money put into to It.

Along with this the evolution of high-speed Internet access which has made speed and efficiency a key. Not even a Just-for-fun web site will be of any use if it is bogged down by poor design and therefore It cannot compete with a surfers fleeting patience. When designing a web page there are skills and steps that need to be taken to ensure that your web page(s) is practical, efficient, and Just plain out right gets the lob done.

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In my opinion Skills necessary needed are as follow: Marketing: Defines the purpose and audience Information architecture: Designs the organization, navigation, labeling, and searching systems. Graphic Design: Finds the graphic "identity' of the site. Editorial: Proofreading, editing, content, etc. Technical: Programming, Web administration, production, etc. Management: Keeps all of the above in line, on time, and in budget. The content and structure of a website must be carefully constructed for ease of use and present concise information.

To make a good impression the website needs to be aesthetically leasing without overdoing graphics or special effects. And finally the designer needs to plan for future growth as well as continually evaluate and refresh the web site. Your main goal is to target the Audience the whole point of creating a web site is to promote a person or organization to a particular audience. Pinpointing the needs and Interests of your specific audience is the first step to launching a successful web site. "Work from the users' point of view.

Think about where users want to go within our web site and make it easy for them to get there" (Solar, 2003). Once you brainstorm all the various information the audience may be seeking, you can begin to organize the material Into a logical structure. "A successful web-site, evidently, Is the one that Is capable of attracting quality visitors and retain them" (Chatterer, 2006). 1 OFF they want without too much clutter to sort through. Web readers are impatient and don't have time to sift through needless information that doesn't relate to what they are looking for.