If you remove the first paragraph it still makes sense and you can do this depending on whether you can upload the 540 word sop or not. Not since Guttenberg invented the modern printing press more than 500 years ago, has any new invention transformed access to information, as profoundly as Google. Google has woven itself into the fabric of daily life by satisfying information requirements of the masses. It was Google that made me realize the requirement and importance of an efficient information retrieval (IR) tool.

My undergraduate education and experience in industry has been instrumental in molding my interest in IR and knowledge representation concepts, and I have decided to pursue an MS in the areas of multimedia information processing and retrieval. The Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Science acquainted me with the inter-relationships amongst different aspects of computing. My conviction that efficiency of information retrieval (IR) techniques will be important for extracting knowledge from large datasets grew during this time.

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My understanding of IR concepts helped me in developing a search tool for the department and presenting a technical seminar on ‘Working of a search engine’. Through my coursework and participation in over 30 coding competitions I acquired critical problem solving skills. I applied these skills to successfully complete my final year project which involved federation of BMC Patrol, a monitoring tool and configuration management databases (CMDB). The project guaranteed minimum downtime of Patrol network by suggesting replacements for failed nodes.

For my excellent academic and extra-curricular performances I was awarded the ‘Certificate of Merit’ from the college. I joined Infosys in 2011 as a systems engineer. I worked on various aspects of enterprise search like federation of results, semantics and data security. This experience has helped to me focus on my interest on IR. My first project here was an enterprise search project in which I provided features like semantics, federation of results from multiple search engines and taxonomy support.

After providing federation capabilities, ranking the results was a big challenge and to address this we underwent a lot of iterations in designing an algorithm that gave relevant results. I then moved on to create a localized search tool for the projects which cannot access the Infosys intranet. For this project we used Nutch, an open source search engine and Hadoop, an open source framework for distributed computing as these provide scalability and speed. Deep understanding of Hadoop has helped me in coding map, reduce functions and in turn increase accuracy of search.

Currently I am involved in a project called ‘PeopleSearch’ which will be used to locate ‘Subject Matter Experts’ of any technical domain within Infosys. This project involves searching a database of around 150,000 employees and providing filtering tools on this data. With the explosive growth of multimedia, I have realized that there is a huge demand for new tools and systems that will enable users to search and manage these digital media contents more efficiently and more effectively.

The representationof multimedia content and extraction of semantic information from them are the key challenges in this area. I would like to explore further in these areas during graduate studies. At the State University of New York, Buffalo, multimedia and database research groups will allow me to explore and contribute to information retrieval and content based systems. The M. S. (Computer Science) program will provide an impetus towards a career in education and research.