Companies have issues when designing a network that provides access to data and information in a safe and secure environment. A small retail chain store Kudler Fine Foods sells various products and is upgrading the network to monitor and secure information. Kudler Fine Foods has three locations and needs to communicate data quickly so that customer’s accounts are updated and stores can manage inventory. The central network server is located at the home office in La Jolla, California. Kudler has two other locations in Del Mar and Encinitas, California that has a high volume of data that should be available and backed-up daily.

The company is updating the network so that data transfers faster and computers are available to process transactions and save incoming data. The company is also upgrading the network so that when additional stores are built in the future communication of data will not slow down. Kudler faces challenges that includes redundancy in the network, loss of data, viruses, hackers, and a backup connection. Each store will maximize efficiency of how computers communicate by installing a WAN (wide area network), LAN (local area network), or WLAN (wide local area network).

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The company is upgrading to a Cseries aggregation service router as a WAN solution. The router delivers many advantages such as high performance, integrated software enabled services, and software redundancy on non-redundant hardware. The Cisco ASR 1000 series includes Cisco IOS XE Software that provides separation of the control and data planes, software redundancy, hardware redundancy, modular Cisco IOS XE software to facilitate in-service software upgrade, scalable services embedded in the processor or at wire speeds from 2. 5 Gbps to 100 Gbps (n. d. ).

The WAN allows the three stores to communicate so that data will transmit quickly to each location so that the stores receive and view data within seconds the network transfers information to the main server. The La Jolla location will house the new server with the updated WAN, WLAN, and VOIP. The upgrade will allow the business to build stores in new cities in the future so that communication is easily transferred and to manage existing stores so that customer’s transactions are properly updated and data is readily available to each location.

Kudler Fine Foods processes data so that the company can buy products, sell products, store customer information, manage inventory, update payroll, create reports, and transactions to manage flow of activity in the network. Kudler Fine foods is purchasing a network to help manage daily tasks that includes Cisco Aironet 1240 AG series IEEE 802. The Unified Wireless Network is a solution to help Kudler Fine Foods have 11 a/b/g access point that delivers an integrated end-to-end wireless and wired network.

The Cisco Aironet 1240 AG has many advantages such as reliability, scalability, ease of deployment, and manageability in wired networks to the wireless LAN (n. d. ). The wireless solution delivers up to 108 Mbps data rate in 5 Ghz and 2. 4 Ghz bands and supports 12 non-overlapping channels with potential to upgrade to 23 channels from future upgrades (n. d. ). Kudler can upgrade up to 23 channels that is important for future company growth because the store plans to add and build bigger stores.

Encryption that secures data is also a feature that is government grade. Kudler has added a VOIP (voice over Internet protocol) as a communication protocol that delivers voice communication and multimedia over the internet. Employees will be able to communicate efficiently by using fax, voice, SMS, voicemail, telephone, and any communications over the Internet. Cisco collaboration applications provides voice, video, and web conferencing that includes messaging, mobile applications, and enterprise social software.

The Cisco applications provides applications that help deliver information quickly from anywhere an authorized Kudler user has access to the network. This will allow the company to enhance productivity and reduce delays in responding to clients, vendors, customers, and internal associates. Kudler Fine Foods will increase sales and revenue with having an environment that provides a server that sends data quickly and efficiently without interruptions or delays. Communication protocol is important to Kudler Fine Foods because employees, vendors, and customers can view company information and products on the internet.

Protocols transfer data from a server to the internet so that employees can view information on a computer to research information, buy or sell products, and communicate to other people. One important protocol for Kudler Fine Foods to implement is HTTP which stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. HTTP assists a person to reach Kudler Fine Foods web server to display text and pictures of products and companies information such as hours of operation, events, and sales of products each week via company’s website.

HTTP is not secure or encrypted because the protocol allows people to send data back and forth and third party vendors can intercept the information. Important data that needs to be safe and secure includes company’s sales, web traffic, customers, orders, products, web visitors, and various information to help a company sell products and increase revenue. Networks should transfer data rate fast and efficiently. If there is a delay in the data rate than Kudler would not be able to transfer data efficiently and effectively.

The faster data is transferred from the hardware and software to the network results in a faster checkout for customers. If customers experience a long wait time in purchasing products then he or she may not be a repeat customer. Switch network is important so that the company can join computers at a data link layer that inspects packets and sends to the correct path. A switch creates a network and a router connects Kudlers network. Routed networks sends data wirelessly through a router so that data transfers to each computer that is connected to the router.

Kudler Fine Foods has a website that sells food and products that allows a customer to buy and pay. Kudler collects payment information in a secure environment known as HTTPS which is HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. The company can collect payments from customers in a safe and secure environment while keeping track of inventory. File Transfer Protocol (FTP) allows Kudler Fine Foods to transfer files, pictures, data, and music to another computer within the same server of the company.

Important data such as financial information can be saves on an internal drive that is shared with authorized people who have access to the drive. Kudler also has a policy to protect documents by requiring a password to protect data from other employees or people who do not have access to the information. Security of data is important to Kudler Fine Foods so that hackers and people who should not have access to company information are not able to view documents or company data.

Kudler Fine Foods will have an IP Security protocol (IPSec) so that employees can access company information and applications from a remote location. Information is send directly to an employee from the company’s Virtual Private network (VPN) server by logging into the server with a username and password from an employee’s home or any remote location that has internet access. Network performance is important because the data transfers from a server to a computer in a high or low speed. Companies prefer that data transfers at a high speed rather than a low speed so that data transfers quickly.

Networks may have a high latency that will transfer data at a lower speed because the bandwidth may be lower for a small period of time. The lower the latency and higher the bandwidth will result in data transferring at a high rate of speed. When bandwidth is shared within a network, the speed of the data that is transferred to a computer will be slower than if the bandwidth was not shared. Routers have technology that allow users to share bandwidth without losing speed that have a high latency in transferring data.

Response time in a network is measured when a person searches for a file or researches an account and tracks the amount of time that it takes for the information to show. Having a high amount of users creating inquiries within the network will result in the response time being lower than if there was only a few people searching for information. Kudler Fine Foods has a maximum limit of one million users and if there are 500,000 users accessing information on the network then the server would respond slower than if there was only 100,000 people accessing information.

Jitter is common in networks because there is a high amount of users accessing data causing congestion. In addition, if there is distortion within the network, company’s data will transfer slowly that will slow down speed and quality of data that is transferred. Distortion in a network of Kudler Fine Foods will result in a slow network connection that would delay customers from making transactions and loss of data if network is congested. Kudler’s network architecture includes hardware, software, connectivity, protocols, and wired or wireless connection.

Kudler Fine Foods will implement a wireless and wired connection so that data transfers in an efficient way. The company’s computers are wired into a network so that computers can transfer and track data, customer’s orders, inventory, buy and track supplies, and create reports. Employees can also log into the network remotely by using a secure login wand a username and password. Software installed in computers of the company will allow employees to scan products that customers buy to track inventory.

Kudler will increase revenue by tracking inventory to determine items that sell more than other items so that stores are not overstocked or understocked. Products that are not selling can be taken off the store shelves and replaced with a product that will sell. Kudler is upgrading to a Point of Sale system (POS) that will track inventory, track customers information and transactions, track financial information from money being received to going out, track multiple store account receivables and payable, and create a general ledger.

Kudler Fine Foods will add hardware to computers that includes monitors, barcodes scanners to scan products that customers purchase, cash drawers to store cash and coupons, pole display that shows amount of product that is scanned and total amount due of purchases, printers that print customer receipts, and credit card terminals to swipe cards to pay for purchases. Kudler Fine Foods will also have hand held mobile devices that scan products to show a products information and price.

The hand held device will show if a store has an item available and amount remaining to sell as well as if the store will receive items in the next shipment of inventory to each location. Kudler has multiple choices when choosing protection against a network and security. When a company does not have a secure network then network is at risk for threats. Threats to a network or server include spying on a computers activity or hacking into a server to gain access to information of the company or customer.

Kudler Fine Foods implemented a hardware and software system to ensure safety and security of customer and company information. The best way Kudler chose to protect information is to separate the internal server database and applications to a web server. The web server is a gateway for hackers to try to access information because the server is located on the Internet. Hackers can access the web server by breaking into firewalls or accounts by using software that determines a user’s password.

Another way for a hacker to gain access is by sending spoof emails that’s appears that a user should access his or her account by clicking on a link. The hacker will send an email to a potential victim that has a link that looks like a legitimate website and the person will click on the link and place a user name and password that will then send the information to a hacker. The hacker will then access the person’s account to retrieve personal information. Kudler Fine Foods will place a firewall in the network as a security procedure to limit hackers accessing the network.

Firewalls provide a limit to traffic and only allow users that have the authority to access the network by using a user name and password. Along with a firewall, Kudler will also place an encryption process in place known as Secure Socket Layer. The SSL will allow secured data such as customer’s social security number, name, address, telephone numbers, and any information to be encrypted so that the information is sent in packets that would need to be decoded for someone to retrieve the information. Hackers would not have the tools to decrypt the information because the data is safe and secure.

Kudler also has an antivirus software system which is Norton Antivirus that will help protect information by only allowing users to visit websites that are trusted and the software shows if a computer has a virus. If a computer has a virus the software system will notify the user and has the option to block or delete the virus. Kudler Fine Foods installed a software system called Spybot to scan computer files to determine if spyware and malware was placed in a computers files. If there was spyware or malware then Spybot would be able to detect and remove the security threats.

Kulder has a Local area networks (LAN) that have a group of computers that use a network in a building that is close proximity of each other. The network shares resources such as policies, procedures, printers, faxes, files, standard operating procedures, and software applications. Kudler Fine Foods uses a LAN to share printers, files, faxes, and stores customer information. Kudler also uses a wide area network (WAN) to communicate information from each store such as product inventory, prices, store information, and customer information.

The network allows information to travel within a wide area such as a city or state. Since Kudler has stores in California the WAN is useful in transferring information to each store. Kudler also uses wireless technology so that stores can communicate without being on an Ethernet line. Wireless allows a store to access information without the use of wires and by accessing information by user name and password. WEP2 is the safest security for wireless so that hackers cannot access the server.

WEP2 is a security method that provides access with a user name and password. Kudler Fine Foods uses LAN, WAN, and wireless technology to access, share, and transfer data between stores. The company stores sensitive information that should be safe and secure from unauthorized users. Customers will trust and buy products from a company that secures information and will purchase products in the future. Kudler will ensure that processes of the company will provide a safe and secure environment for customer and company information.

Kudler’s policy for employees is to have a user name and passwords that is complex so that a hacker is not able to access information in the network or application of the company. Training is also provided to all associates of the company to ensure he or she is using the company’s tools properly without breaching secure information. Switches are a useful technology that allows networks that transfer information to computers to connect to printers and servers. Switches allow devices to talk to each other so that information is transferred correctly.

Switches allow a company to share data and communication in an efficient way. Switches create networks so that routers can connect networks for employees of Kudler to connect to the internet by using a router to share a networks bandwidth. Kudler can benefit if a computer can access information and communicate quickly so that customers are not waiting for a long period of time when purchasing products. Kudler has installed fiber optics because information can transfer faster than other cable wires. Fiber optics also allows systems to perform better because there is low interference and the bandwidth is higher.

Fiber optic cable does not have crosstalk and has lower bit error rate where the information can transfer efficiently and accurately and provides freedom from short circuits and sparks. Fiber optics has a higher installation cost because of the new technology and is higher to install than conventional cable. The signals of fiber optic transfer at a higher distance than regular cable without being refreshed and the cost is less to maintain. The cost to lay the fiber optics is expensive but maintaining is less costly in the long run.

Hardware and software is important to Kudler Fine Foods for two reasons. The first reason is because hackers will not be able to access personal information of customers and Kudler. The second reason is people cannot place viruses in Kudlers computers so that data is lost or computer’s shut down and are not operational. Kudler ensures that the company will not have a breach in security so that customers will respect the company that will allow Kudler to increase revenue by upgrading the company’s network, hardware, and software.