Visual (Graphic) Design
is the process of visual communication and problem-solving through the use of typography, space, image and color.
User Interface
You interact with a program through which of the following, thereby controlling how you enter data and instructions and how information is displayed on the screen
Experience Design
designing products, processes, services, events, and environments with a focus placed on the quality and enjoyment of the total experience.
Web Document
Contain graphic, sounds, text, and video, and the web pages are linked via hyperlinks
Style Sheet Production
is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation semantics(the look and formatting) of a document written in a markup language.
Language is used with animation software to control parts of the product. The scripting language can be used to start or stop animation automatically or when the mouse is clicked. Scripts can also be used to load a movie clip and start playing and many more interactive features. Writing script is similar to programming, but usually a little easier.
A process that leads from an original formulation of a computing problem to executable computer programs. This includes: designing, writing, testing, debugging, and maintaining the source code of computer programs.
Content Strategy
How, why, where, when content goes into experience
Different types of media including text, video, sound, graphics and animations.
Interaction Design (IxD)
Making sites as easy, efficient and delightful to use as possible
User Interface (UI)
Tends to be more narrowly focused on the functional organization of the page as well as the specific tools that users use to navigate content or accomplish tasks
User Experience (UX) Designer
Takes a more holistic view-ensuring the entire experience with the site is favorable
User Centered Design
Changing the design to fit the user rather than asking the user to accommodate the design.
Wireframe Diagram
Shows the structure of a web page using only outlines for each content type and widget
Site Diagram
Indicates the structure of the site as a whole and how a individual page relates to one another
Traces the path through a site or application from the point of view of a typical user
User Flow Chart
Shows how parts of a site or application are connected that tends to focus on technical details rather than telling a story
The Team that handles creation of the files that makes up the website
Used for the process of preparing content for delivery on the Web, or more specifically, making up the content with HTML
Refers to any aspect of the design process that appears in or relates directly to the browser. Example: Graphic Design and Image Production, Interface Design, Information Design as it pertains to the user's experience of the site, JavaScript
Refers to the program and script that works on server behind the scenes to make web pages dynamic and interactive. Example: Information design as it pertains to how the information is organized on the sever, forms processing, Database programming, and Content management systems.
Content Strategist
Makes sure that every bit of text on a site from long explanatory text down to the labels on buttons, supports the brand identity and marketing goals of the company.
Information Designer
Organizes the content logically and for ease of finability.
Adobe Flash
Is used to create full-screen animation, interactive games and applications, all at remarkably small file sizes.
Fonts, Colors, background images, line spacing, page layout, and so on, are all controlled with CSS.
DOM Scripting
Refers to the standardized list of web page elements that can be accessed and manipulated using JavaScript.
Adobe Dreamweaver
This is the hands-down industry standard due to its relatively clean code and advanced features.
Microsoft Expression Web (Windows Only)
Part of Microsoft's suite of professional design tools, MS Expression Web boasts standards-compliant code and CSS-Based Layouts.
Nvu (Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X)
Is a open source tool that matches many of the feature in DreamWeaver, and you can download it for free.
TextPad (Windows only)
TextPad is a simple and inexpensive plain-text code editor for Windows.
Sublime Text (Window, Mac Linux)
This expensive and up and coming text editor looks stripped down but has a lot of functionality (like color coding and full code overviews).
Code by Panic (Macintosh Only)
Coda users like its visual workflow, file management, tools, and built-in terminal access.
TextMate by MacroMates (Macintosh Only)
This advanced text editor features project management tools and an interface that is integrated with the Mac operating system. It is growing in popularity because it customizable, feature-rich and inexpensive.
BBEdit By Bare Bones Software (Macintosh Only)
Lots of great shortcut features have mad this leading editor for Mac-based web developers.
Adobe Photoshop
Photoshop is undeniably the industry standard for image creation in both the print and web worlds.
Adobe Photoshop Elements
Is designed for photo editing and management, but some hobbyists may find that it has all the tools necessary for putting images on web pages.
Adobe Illustrator
Maximum flexibility application that you can output web graphics directly from illustrator, or bring them into Photoshop for additional fine-tuning.
Adobe Fireworks
This web graphics program combines an image editor with tools for creating vector-based illustrations. It also features advanced tools for outputting web graphics.
Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo
Full-featured image editor is popular with the Windows crowd, primarily due to its low price.
*GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program* (Unix, Windows, Mac)
Free Image-editing program that is similar to Photoshop.
Solid Up-to-date-computer
Macintosh, Window or Linux
Extra Memory
Large Mointor
11" MacBook Air
A device that converts printed documents into digital file formats.
A device that converts printed documents into digital file formats.
Digital Camera
A device used to take pictures and store them digitally.
Mobile Device
Computing device small enough to hold in your hand
Network of connected computers
DNS Sever
A computer or a group of computers that maintain a database to enable a computer to know the IP address of a URL