In M3 I will be showing a PowerPoint On the three sources of information that I used for my P5 project. I will be justifying in the presentation why each method was used. I will be describing why each method is useful to me. I will be describing database/written report, PowerPoint and line/bar chart and database in detail and the purposes I have used them for. Written report A written report is very useful is bring a lot of advantages in many different ways.

It is very useful when you want to describe something in detail as you can get your point across using formal language on a written report just like the way I have presented my information on my written report. Written reports are used so a word processor document. You can explain many different things using word processor you can use it many different uses for example it is used to send letters by businesses, this is a good way of communicate non verbally as you get all your messages in a formal manor. I did this to explain each business and to give a quick explanation of what they do.

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You can also describe things in proper detail from it features to how big it is on word processor, this is an advantage as I can briefly describe the business or I can describe the business with a lot of information. When doing essays it looks very good if the long document is presented in a written document as it makes my essay look more neat and better. Also written report saves a lot of time as it allows you to copy and paste words from other places and you can put it onto your work, this often tend to save a lot of time for whoever is doing the work.

This is very useful to when you want to find information of a business as there might be a lot about the company you need. If there are words on a file which they need they can easily just selected the bit they want and add it to their work. This saves all people time as they do not have to waste there time typing in all the words. Furthermore, you can send written documents over the internet using email, this is also an advantage when you do not has a USB stick, this is a very special feature added onto email.

They can also send emails of attached written documents for important reasons as it is very quick to send. For example, I used it to submit my work as I never had a USB stick at the time so I sent my work to my own email address then when I was at school I opened it and submitted my work to the teacher Advantages of Written report * It can be used for a lot of reasons especially when wanting to go into detail with essays, you can go through a lot of information and get many points across.

Also you can writ short explanations just like the way I have done. * Also it is a very convenient way of providing information, as you can say a lot of thing using a written report. * It is fully accessible as you can send it to a USB stick as it does not take any memory, or you can send it to a email address and then go to another destination and open the file, as it can be opened anywhere. How I used it PowerPoint PowerPoint is also a very useful program used to present many different things.

Firstly when using PowerPoint is very easy to use and there are many features which allows a presentation to be very entertaining. For example, you can make slides that are much edited with animations and background colours. Background colours make it look more interesting as it catches the audience's attention as the plain background would make the audience very bored as it is just writing. Also you can use bold fonts which can catch the reader's attention as the bold writing stands out and you can show what work is important.

Also bold writing stands out so people automatically look at this when doing a important topic. Also PowerPoint is very good for presenting graphs as it allows you to set up the page for you to explain each graph. PowerPoint enhances the level of learning, enjoyment, and excitement in the classroom as it can keep people interested with what I am going to present. When I am presenting my work the audience is more focused rather than on Microsoft word as it could get boring with load of writing.

The audience can also have just by looking at a presentation have fun with learning as I could add music, pictures even videos. It also allows people to understand very complex ideas as it allows you to breaks down information to little bit in which you can understand. I have used this to help me break down the information about my company as there is a lot to say about my 3 companies, but I broke it down into 1 line. Furthermore it offers me a new way of presenting information to the audience as they do not have to do a go through a boring presentation as they would simply lose focus.

It saves time, resources, and money as i do not have to type it on word as word processor would take much longer to type out all the information. PowerPoint is also very good when at a workplace. This is where PowerPoint is used mostly. Many people who work in a office might want to show a new promotion, they mostly do this using PowerPoint as it get there point across very quickly and it keeps everyone focused. Also, teachers use this to keep students focused as well as there can be pictures, videos and music.

Advantages of PowerPoint * You can interact with the audience as they can ask you questions about the presentation as my PowerPoint presentation allows people to ask questions. * It gives more of a impact to the audience as the really listen and get into what you are saying and understand the message you are putting through to them. Excel Line/ Bar chart Excel line/ bar charts is also a very useful Program. Microsoft word is very good for calculations and making graphs.

Excel is very good for making calculations as you can find the mean, the range, the median of a range of numbers you can also do more calculations with numbers. You can also create many different graphs using Excel like the line and Bar chart which allows you to analyse information especially when doing a project. Excel is also very easy to use as all you have to do is type in a certain number and go and click on graphs, you can also copy and paste information from Microsoft word and PowerPoint even from the internet, and this saves time as you do not have type each number into each cell.

Also when making the graph the steps taken are very simple and the graphs made a not complicated at all, which allows the graph to be easily analysed. Advantages of Excel line/ Bar chart * It is very good for doing graphs as you have a good visual of the graph and you can automatically read what the graph is telling you. * It is very easy to read graphs rather than seeing table as it is harder to read the table but the graph you can see when numbers go up and go down. Database

I used a table in Microsoft word to help me create a table on how much money I made and lost on each day. The table was very easy to make and was easy to read as well, it is not as easy as using a line/bar chart but you can see the expect amount of money in which the money went up by. I used it to see the exact prices of the money when it went up and went down. This was the easiest way to see the amount of money that went up and went down, this also allowed me to make line and bar charts as I just have to highlight it and the graph automatically appears.

Conclusion In this task I have understand the advantages and I have understand how helpful these software's are to me. I have explained how each one is helpful to me and to other people. I would say that Microsoft Word is the most useful software to me because I always use it for different assignments. But in the project I used I think that I personally think that I used PowerPoint the most I needed it to present my graphs and to present to the class. Also I analysed the graphs using the PowerPoint and I used it mostly.