Today’s implementation of business solutions has greatly influenced the way people do transactions. Because of the many innovations set forth by the management systems around the world, many companies are now playing to be on the top of their goals with respect to attaining high levels of productivity. That is why it is very important to see how managerial schemes have changed in the aspect globalization. Globalization is the process of interaction which involves people, businesses and government of various nations (Silicon Valley Authorship).

In terms of business structuring, a globalized economy has produced so many functions in terms of stabilizing the notion of international trade. For a manger of today’s global marketplace, a non-bounded way of transacting with international companies has become more challenging compared to the previous generations of commercial trade. Previously, a manager of a company was only tasked to influence using his ideas and relay his managerial thoughts to his subordinates.

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The aspect of information dissemination was always concentrated on a few people which will then execute the command. However, in a globalized aspect, the manager also needs to consider how the people next in line will influence the overall market not only in domestic trade but also in international commerce. The manager will also need to consider how each partner nations will react to his techniques and which will require him to render additional time and effort to justify his claims.

One more change in today’s management style can be seen in the aspect of productivity. Since a manager can now expand his influence of horizons beyond the domestic market, he can actually make it easier to forecast the path that the business is going to take, true enough since he can integrate the performance level of the company as well as the competitors’ in a more dynamic global scale.